GCMI Tampa 2022


Have you ever thought about working cross-culturally without leaving America? Well then this is a perfect opportunity for you! Venture Internships is partnering with GCMI (Global City Mission Initiative) to provide interns with hands-on discipleship opportunties in metropolitian areas within the United States. GCMI Tampa Interns will be equipped and mentored to engage with migrant or multiethnic communities through intentional conversations, relational evangelism, disciple-making practices and discovery groups within the urban setting of Tampa.


  • Type of Service: Church Planting
  • Length of Service: Under 6 Months
  • Region:

Cost & Dates

Dates: May 23rd, 2022 - July 29th, 2022*
Cost: $6200.00

All costs will include:

  • International/Domestic airfare** to area of service
  • All lodging and food
  • Travel insurance (if applicable)
  • Pre-field training and post-field debrief
  • Visa acquisition (if applicable)
  • Contingencies
  • Supplies

*Dates are subject to change in the event of a necessary extension to accommodate a mandatory quarantine upon returning to the U.S.

**We have estimated the cost of international/domestic airfare. Additionally, we have estimated applicable costs that are currently associated with COVID-19 and this internship. In the event of airfare increases or changes affecting COVID-19 protocol, interns may be responsible for raising additional funds.



Click here to apply for GCMI Tampa 2022 (By 2021-12-31)