Church Support & Church Planting / England


There are a number of small churches in the Nottingham area that are in dire need of care. Responsibilities of team members would include, but not be limited to: leading weekly services, supporting any on-going activities, community development, and caring for members.

The Fellowship of Churches of Christ of Great Britain and Ireland is a network of churches and leaders passionate about creating healthy churches that support each other and work to further grow the kingdom through church planting. We are looking for a group of individuals or families who can work together to support the area churches and each other. Skills and training will vary depending on the role of the individual, but prior experience serving in a church (paid or volunteer) would be necessary for all. All applicants would be required to attend New International Orientation and an in-person Center for Intercultural Training course. Ordination may be necessary to obtain a visa.


We are seeking individuals and families to join teams to support small churches in the Nottinghamshire area with a goal of future church planting.

  • Type of Service: Church Planting
  • Length of Service: Career Missions 3+ Years
  • Region: UK

Cost & Dates

Dates: Immediate Openings
Cost: TBD

  All New International affliates are required to ranise their own support. Cost and budgets will be determined.


Please contact Mark Michael if you would like any further information about serving on this team.


Click here to apply for Church Support & Church Planting / England (By 2023-06-01)