Scott and Gigi Martell empower widows, children and those most at risk in Ethiopia, including an urban slum school in Addis Ababa (see Their outreach ministry empowers people through mercy work, teaching, counseling, and sharing the gospel.

Serving in:

  • Ethiopia

Ministry focus:

  • Family and Children's Empowerment Ministry
with image description Since 2015
Scott & Gigi Martell

After finishing graduate school at the University of Oregon, Scott worked in the communications field in SW Florida for 22 years. In the early 2000s, he began serving Sanibel Community Church as Missions Team leader, but never expected to go into the field himself. However, in January 2006, God called him into full-time service in Ethiopia. While serving in the Ethiopian countryside, he received a vision and assignment from the Lord to help children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Scott also has a passion for counseling, and received a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling in 2014. He is the author of a devotional, The Jesus Workout, and a novel, The Hyena Man.

Gigi Haile is an Ethiopian national with a degree in Sociology. She immigrated to England in the 1990s and upon receiving British citizenship and national Youth and Child Care certification (Level 3), spent over 15 years working in the government's Foster Parent program. She has a passion for helping disadvantaged youth and the elderly, specifically by empowering people in skills needed to help better themselves.


Scott and Gigi joined New International in 2009.

Please visit Ethiopia-Empowerment for more information. For online counseling ministry, please review The Joy Quest. To see more about Scott’s books, please see Scott Douglas Martell.

With New International since 2009

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