Randy and Miki are serving in New Zealand working to develop local leaders and plant new churches in both New Zealand and Australia.

Serving in:

  • New Zealand

Ministry focus:

  • Regional Director
with image description Since 2015
Randy & Miki Brooks

The Brooks have helped to plant new churches and restore existing churches all across New Zealand. Randy is the South Pacific Regional Director for New International. He works to organize church plants, mentor, coach and recruit new church planters for both New Zealand and Australia. Along with their involvement in church planting, the Brooks' are involved in day to day ministry in local churches in New Zealand.

God has blessed them with 26 years of marriage. Together they have three sons, Noel, Ethan and Caleb.

Randy grew up in Colorado Springs, and attended Security Christian Church (now Pikes Peak Christian Church). After working as a welder for four years, God led Him to make a big life change which eventually led to his graduation from Nebraska Christian College in 1995. Randy also attended seminary at Cincinnati Christian University where he graduated in 2003 with an MA in Practical Ministries, with a concentration in church planting.

Miki was born in Worthington, Minnesota but grew up as a missionary kid in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was there that she first taught a Sunday School class at age 13. This sparked a passion inside of her for ministry and mission work. She studied ministry and early childhood development at Nebraska Christian College, but her main reason for attending college was to get her Mrs. degree. Miki loves ministry and generally works in the areas of leading worship, speaking to groups and mentoring young ladies. She also recently started workign with an organisation called Christians Against Poverty.

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