Morgan is an advocate for children and communities in extreme poverty worldwide.

Serving in:

  • Global Ministries

Ministry focus:

  • Child Sponsorship
with image description Since 2018
Morgan Parees

A teenager that has started a small business in his rural, Kenyan community...

A mother who rescued herself and her child from domestic violence...

A child receiving new clothes for the first time...

A family developing a plan to buy, breed, and sell goats, creating sustainable income for their family...

A student going to school for the first time instead of working in the fields...

A single mother mentoring young mothers on budgeting and financial growth...

These are the life change stories that motivate and excite Morgan to serve the Child Sponsorship ministry at New International. Her role is twofold, focusing on marketing and communications, and wellness initiatives. Ultimately this supports the community transformation projects designed to proclaim Christ and make disciples by ending extreme poverty globally.

Since January 1, 2017, Child Sponsorship through New International has directly impacted over 500 children and has indirectly influenced the economic and sustainable growth of dozens of communities throughout rural Kenya. The data-driven program utilizes best practices to stimulate financial growth in families, empowering mothers to make great decisions for their family. Child Sponsorship through New International is unique in that it provides direct cash transfers using safe and efficient technology. Their goal is to see an end to extreme poverty, worldwide, by 2030.

Morgan lives in Pittsburgh, PA and has been with New International since 2019.

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