John Woodward is Executive Director of South Pacific and Director of Recruitment for New International

Serving in:

  • Oceania

Ministry focus:

  • Church Planting
with image description Since 2016
John Woodward

John Woodward works on recruiting, training, and sending church planters to New Zealand and Australia, and fund-raising for planting churches and training indigenous leaders. He is also heading up recruitment for all of New International's domestic and global ministries, from internships to career missions.

John Woodward brings over 30 years of ministry and missions to New International and SP. His passion is for reaching the lost of world through challenging, equipping and sending workers into the harvest field, John seeks to fulfill the Great Commission - that all would have opportunity to not only meet Jesus, but to join in His life and in His work of reaching the nations.

John had the privilege of working as a campus minister for 23 years, where his passion for introducing young people to the world of missions and challenging them to consider participation in God's global work as a direction for their lives found fertile ground. He also loves to mentor and discipling young people, helping them to grow in their love and service to Christ. These skills and passions will now be put toward recruiting, mentoring and sending workers to reach the increasing secular and postmodern countries of New Zealand and Australia, where half the population now considers themselves as non-religious."

John's other passion is his wife, Gwen, who has been a vital partner in ministry for over 35 years, and his children (Lissy and Ethan) and their spouses and their growing families.

As South Pacific's Executive Director, John - in partnership with New International - will work to raise up and prepare workers that will transform lives in the South Pacific--as wells as across the globe--with the hope of Jesus for generations to come.

With New International since 2016

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