Dave serves as Outreach Tour Coordinator at Ends of the Earth Cycling.

Serving in:

  • United States

Ministry focus:

  • Global Youth
with image description Since 2019
Dave & Janet Wehrle

Dave has been serving as Outreach Tour Coordinator with Ends of the Earth Cycling, a ministry of New International, since December 2019. Dave is a former missionary to the Soviet Union, Ukraine and Russia. He also served as a product and department manager at a software company for several years. Dave has been a church planter and was a pastor for 18 years.

Dave is married to Janet, his high school sweatheart, and has three grown sons, Elliot, Gabe and Nate.

Two passions have remained constant throughout Dave's life - cycling and Jesus. His work with Ends of the Earth Cycling brings those passions together to serve global youth and empower world changers.

Ends Cycling is an active bicycling community impacting youth globally. We give people who want to change the world opportunities to use cycling to bring the hope of the Gospel to global youth through multi-day, Christ-centered bicycling tours. The U.S. has 90% of the world’s youth ministry resources, and only 4% of the world’s youth.  Ends Cycling believes everyone deserves the same access to the Gospel, and we're willing to go to the ends of the earth to see that vision fulfilled by the power of Christ.

Ninety percent (90%) of all of your donations go directly toward Dave's ministry with Ends of the Earth Cycling. Ten percent (10%) helps to fund the administrative costs of New International, Inc., the parent organization of Ends Cycling. New International provides a host of financial and other support services that empower Dave to focus completely on the ministry he does with Ends Cycling. New International honors your preference for how your donations are used.

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