Fledge Fiamingo is a safari ranger who turned his love for God's Creation and passion for Christ into a dynamic experience for all ages. As a safari ranger, Fledge knows about God’s creatures but even more, he looks at them through the lens of Scripture. He takes us to where God's creation and Biblical principles intersect.

Serving in:

  • South Africa

Ministry focus:

  • Creation Care
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Son Safaris

Fledge Fiamingo

Son Safaris Founder/Director

Fledge Fiamingo was born in Namibia and grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era. Fledge has worked in many diverse fields which include:

  • Drill Instructor in the South African Defense Force,
  • NAUI Dive-master/Skipper for Ocean Divers International.
  • Crew member for the National Sea Rescue Institute
  • Safari ranger leading photographic safaris in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

Fledge also worked as Assistant Campus Minister at Christian Campus Fellowship at the University of Georgia where he met his wife, Julie. Fledge and Julie have been married since 2003 and blessed with 2 boys and 2 girls.

Through the ministry of Son Safaris, Fledge combines his two passions:

God and His creation.

As an inspirational Christian speaker all over the USA since 2003, Fledge parallels the exciting experiences of being on safari in Africa with having a relationship with Christ. This brings a refreshing and unique perspective of tying in Biblical truths with the wonders of African Wildlife. This is an incredible program for middle/high school, college, and adult audiences at churches, youth camps, retreats, and conferences.


Our Creation Care Teams

Join a team and S.E.E.

SHOW the love of Christ through service

ENGAGE in conservation projects 

EXPERIENCE God through His Creation

What makes our Creation Care teams to Africa unique?

Our Creation Care teams stay on a private game reserve.

This provides opportunity to show the love of Jesus Christ through Christian service to the staff of the reserve and to local communities and also engage in conservation projects on the reserve.

Our teams are also hosted on guided safaris led by Son Safaris Director and Christian inspirational speaker Fledge Fiamingo. As a former game ranger Fledge parallels Biblical truths with African wildlife. Our teams experience God in a whole new environment through His creation, while serving on the mission field.

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