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Safari Vehicle Partnership

For a decade Son Safaris' mission has been to motivate people to engage with and care for God’s creation. This is our mission because we know that God’s creation is one way God reveals Himself to us. God's grace and abounding love is overwhelming when we see the diversity and intricacy with which He created our Earth and the animals and nature on it. Caring for His creation both validates and demonstrates the Gospel. We thank God for His faithfulness during our first decade of ministry! We want to continue to trust in His faithfulness during our second decade of ministry! We are trusting Him for a Son Safaris safari game drive vehicle to be used with our Creation Care teams. This can be purchased with our tenth anniversary gift goal of $35,000.

We need individuals giving gifts of $1,000. We need business owners and decision makers to lead their businesses to give gifts of $1,000 or more. These are bold asks but your gift doesn’t have to be given all at once, it can be broken into 10 monthly gifts of $100. If that feels more doable, then you are able to make a $1,000 special gift by giving $100 monthly for the next 10 months.

Important! If you wish to give your gift in monthly increments please follow these steps:

1. In "donation type" please select "give today & recur every month." You will be able to choose which day this gift occurs
2. In "special note" please write a note that says "10 month pledge." We will connect with you towards the end of your 10 month pledge.

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