Derek and Ashley are passionate about mobilizing people for long-term mission work.

Serving in:

  • United States

Ministry focus:

  • Ends of the Earth Cycling
with image description Since 2015
Derek & Ashley Ried

Derek, Ashley, Ryan and Mitch work with End Cycling.

Combining their passion for cycling along with seeing long-term missionaries and youth workers, Derek and Ashley are mobilizing and networking with churches, youth groups, campus ministries, bike shops, cycling groups and anyone else who will listen. Their passion is seeing people accomplish a cycling tour to get a taste of what missions is like or could be like for them. Ryan and Mitch are catching up to mom and dad in cycling and are ready to see other people get excited about long-term missions work. Their hope is that you would see how God is calling you into missions through cycling.

With New International since 2008

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