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C Mental Health Rides

We Ride Our Bicycles To...

  • Raise Awareness For Mental Health Issues In The Local and Global Church

  • Raise Funds for Sustainable, Localized Mentalh Health Ministry Within Churches

  • Support Personal Mental Health Through Enjoyable Movement, Like Riding One's Bicycle

  • Encourage The Development Of Safe Bicycle Infrastructures Towards Improved Public Health Everywhere

  • Be Salt And Light Wherever We Go

We promote collaboration between native Christian researchers, Christian counseling professionals, local pastors & missionaries to develop resources applicable to their local context, in their native tongue. We do NOT promote one book, one product, or one brand for all. We understand that some mental health issues are universal, yet many aspects are very much in need of cultural and language contextualization in order to be effective and well-received.

The "C" in C-Mental Health Rides stands for our main objective: to support the Christian church and her pastors, her leaders and missionaries in their efforts to bless the people and communities where they labor.

We ride to raise awareness and funds, because we want the church to be a place where mental health needs can be addressed without stigma and where leaders have access to resources that work in their church, in their community, in their languge. We aim to help develop native resources. 

Our first project is in process: The development and launch of a 20+ languages, open-source website that would serve pastors, missionaries and the communities where they labor through the development of free and/or donation-baesd, indigenous, native mental health resources. Once the platform is up and running, teams can develop such resources applicable to their context and in their language to then be utilized and further adapted to various contexts. While Western research and resources might be helpful, at times, we aim to promote a localized development of indigenous resources.

Our first ride: Lukas and Ingo will ride from Florence, OR to Yorktown, VA, starting June 17th, 2020. 4,200 miles is not easy for a 54-year old, so yes, pray for Ingo. Lukas should be just fine at 23-yars of age. We hope to make it in six weeks. We need your prayer and financial support.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the first minimal viable product (MVP) to be launched during the fall of 2020. Our website developers are in place and ready to work start working in June of 2020. 

Wanna get involved? Pray, promote, donate, join. 

Future rides: We plan to have rides each summer in another country and encourage others to do their own rides in order to raise funds for open-source, indigenous mental health resource development for their country, region, church. Our website aims to be a platform for all those sharing the same objectives. 

You can join us on this ride, if you want to? Raise some funds (a penny per mile) and join in. :) Contact our coordinator, Anna Chan, for details. 

Connect with us all social media platforms and get updates and share our vision with your friends, please. 


Ingo and Lukas

Here is some help calculating the miles, if you choose to sponsor us for 1,2,3 pennies/mile. Thank you and to God be the glory for all of this!

  • 1 penny/mile x 4200 = $42

  • 2 pennies/mile x 4200 = $84

  • 3 pennies/mile x 4200 = $126

  • 4 pennies/mile x 4200 = $168

  • 5 pennies/mile x 4200 = $210

  • 6 pennies/mile x 4200 = $252

  • 7 pennies/mile x 4200 = $294

  • 8 pennies/mile x 4200 = $336

  • 9 pennies/mile x 4200 = $378

  • 10 pennies/mile x 4200 = $420

  • or more...

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