Ben and Jasmin are artists in their neighborhood Neukölln and serve to local churches.

Serving in:

  • Germany

Ministry focus:

  • Faithful Presence
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Ben & Jasmin Seidl

Ben and Jasmin Seidl live and work in the budding arts community of Berlin-Neukölln. With more than 350,000 residents, Neukölln is melting pot of cultures, languages, lifestyles, and spiritual beliefs. After being involved in church planting and worship development for more than a decade, the Seidls are pioneering Gospel initiatives in Neukölln.

Ben and Jasmin are artists and active in music and design. Their indie folk project, roemer, plays concerts in cafes, bars and clubs. They also started a design label that prints new drawn patterns and images onto vintage porcelain dishware. Their design label, wennn… has been picking up steam and has been featured in several lifestyle and home magazines, all with national coverage. This success has expanded the Seidl's sphere of influence and has legitimized them among the creative scene.

Creating access to the Gospel in Berlin is always connected to faithful presence and having a sacramental imagination. Whether it is fellow creatives or young families, the Seidls and their team are ministering to their neighbors through personal meetings and events in their apartments with the goal of forming local faith communities. Through intentionally fostering relationships of genuine love and care, the Seidls find many opportunities to share their faith in the midst of everyday life.

Roemer Collective: Indie Folk Band site
wennn… : Design label site

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