Give Generously to one who had such a Generous Heart - "Do small things with great love" Carolyn Wintergerst-Weston

Serving in:

  • Zambia

Ministry focus:

  • Tribute to benefit the children of RecycloCraftz members in Zambia
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Carolyn's Kids in Zambia- C. WIntergerst-Weston

October 5, 2018

God called up an angel living right here on earth.


Carolyn Wintergerst-Weston epitomized the words she lived by all her life…

Do small things with great love.

She not only was a loving wife to her adoring husband Steffan and devoted mother to four sweet, beautiful daughters, she spent her entire life practicing her motto with the rest of her family and everyone who were blessed to know her.

For nearly 20 years as a special needs elementary teacher Carolyn gave herself tirelessly to her students and other educators. She was always taking a lead to volunteer in her church and community.


When Carolyn was rehabbing from her first surgery at home in summer of 2018, she became friends with her occupational therapist, Tracy Murry. Carolyn discovered that Tracy is also the founder of a Christ based Mission in Zambia called Recyclocraftz. Carolyn became familiar with the Mission that summer. As a teacher and lifelong volunteer for the less fortunate, Carolyn thought the Mission was wonderful for Zanbian women and children.


Recyclocraftz helps abandoned women and their children continue education and become self-sufficient. These women are artisan’s that make beautiful purses, jewelry and other items from discarded and recycled materials. These items are sold in the U.S. and the artisans are paid from these sales. These women use the money to pay tuition for themselves and their children’s education. In Zambia education is NOT free.


These women walk 10 miles round trip from where they live to the Mission to do this work.


If we all do something small with great love, we can do great things for the mission in memory of our sweet Carolyn.

Please make a one-time donation or join many others to set up a monthly donation in any amount in memory of our Carolyn we love so much


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