Stones of Remembrance

"We designed activities to help our girls increase their self-esteem."

In 2020, Ends of the Earth Cycling hosted our 9th annual, Key West Bike Ride for the youth of Romania, through our partners, Missio International. Though we were forced to “postpone” our tour due to Covid-19, God was still at work and provided funds through the 66 participants who had signed up to ride! This is one story of how they changed the world through joining an Ends Cycling tour.

Through their Children-At-Risk programs, Missio International currently serves over 750 marginalized children annually, meeting the spiritual and material needs of the neediest of all - the at risk children and youth. Human trafficking for sexual exploitation has increased by 30% in Romania during the pandemic, and most of the victims are in middle school.

For two weeks in the summer of 2020, Missio International took a group of children, staff, and volunteers to a camp in the Transylvanian Alps. Each day, the girls were able to meet the Lord through prayer, worship, activities, creative workshops, and competitions. 

They were encouraged to count their blessings daily. They created "stones of remembrance" for each moment when God was with them and were encouraged to see that even through the trials they went through, He was there and brought them out.

They returned home with their “stones of remembrance” and plan to use them to build an altar in the Prayer Garden. 


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