More Than Fundraising

We don’t just raise funds, we raise prayers. We don’t just send funds, we send people. For us - this is a Kingdom thing, not a cycling thing.

What is the true purpose of the Ends of the Earth Cycling ministry? Read on to hear the heart of their cycling tours.

So, you guys are a fundraising ministry?” This question is very common in our line of work. It used to bother me but now I recognize what we do at Ends of the Earth Cycling is quite complex. Until someone comes on a tour with us, it really seems like our primary goal is fundraising - but, in fact, that’s quite the opposite.

The first ride from Ft. Myers to Key West happened 9 years ago. Our goals back then were simple - bring together youth pastors from across our city for 5 days of community, prayer, and a chance to share with them about global youth ministry. Fundraising was the icing on the cake.

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