God is moving in a-maize-ing ways!

Naimodu had the odds stacked against her during this terrible drought.

Through this year of severe drought in Kenya, the mothers of sponsored children have truly loved, served, and sacrificed for their communities the way Jesus would. 

As a widow and mother of five, Naimodu had the odds stacked against her during this terrible drought. Water was far away and scarce as the plains continued to get drier. She knew she had to use her resources wisely to ensure good health for her family. 

As her children were sponsored, she had the means to buy food and water. Naimodu didn’t stop there. Planning ahead and knowing that she could meet her children's basic needs, she planted a maize field.

With her youngest child on her back, each day she walked miles in search of water for her crops. She used to make these daily trips to provide drinking water for her family. Sometimes she would travel a great distance to a creekbed only to find very little water or none at all. More often she would dig in muddy spots to extract what little water was there. Some days were more prolific than others, but her persistence paid off. 

Naimodu’s maize grew tall and plentiful, despite the extremely dry season. She now has enough food for her family for the rest of the year, and will probably have some leftover to sell. 

Naimodu could have chosen to care for her family alone at this point, but she did not. She looked around at the other families in her community, and she grew concerned about them not having enough food and water for their children. She noticed the children in school were unfocused due to their hunger.

Just as she did with the maize, she took action. She began to help a half a dozen other families ensure that their children had enough to eat and drink. 

Because of the bold, loving, Jesus-like actions of mothers like Naimodu, no children died from drought-related causes in the Child Sponsorship villages. Praise God! 

The love of Jesus is being spread throughout these communities and you can be a part of that. Without sponsors, mothers would not be able to help care for their neighbors. Please pray with us during this incredibly dry season and consider sponsoring a child.

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