Boxes Full of Sunshine

"Sunshine Boxes" were created to share the light of Jesus amid coronavirus darkness

Hannah Parobek, serving with Prosperous Youth Foundation in Thailand, came up with a creative way for her team to bless their students.

We are 100% a relational ministry. Hosting events, visiting youth homes, meeting with our student groups, and spending time one-on-one with our students. So the question is, how do we continue to be relational in this season of social distancing?

Personally, I was feeling stuck and unmotivated to work on lesson plans or event ideas for the unknowable future. I realized that I needed a tangible project for right here and now. But outside of my planning and organizing skills what do I have to offer students in a time like this? An idea popped into my head that I had seen on Pinterest.

The idea was to fill a box with lots of yellow things to represent sunshine and happiness for the receiver of the gift. Taking that idea, adding it with the comparison of Jesus as the light in the darkness and then our care package 'Sunshine Box' was born! This was a perfect project for me: creativity and gift-giving!

Our staff came together to pack 70 boxes for our God First (students transitioning out of youth homes) and our YLA group (student leader group). The boxes were filled with snacks, necessities, a 10-day devotional (written by our Thai staff), and a personalized note to each student.

We mailed 14 boxes to students that had returned home for the summer, and delivered the remaining boxes in the following two days. Our plan was to drop off the boxes on their doorstep or leave them by their gate. However, the students where so excited to receive these boxes that many were outside waiting for us! We were even invited inside to eat some mangoes with one student!

That day, social media was flooded by pictures of the 'Sunshine Boxes'. Students were sending messages to our staff beginning with a 'thank you', but continuing with life conversations. These boxes also seemed to prompt our student Facebook Messenger groups to become lively again.

God blessed us with a beautiful blue sky that day, and His love was felt as these boxes were given out.

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