Across Place and Time

Team Media

Written by Daniel — Interning in the home office with the Media Dept. 

One of my biggest impressions over the last month of working with New International has been how truly widespread the church of Jesus Christ is. It is a body full of people from many different age groups, many different states, and even many different countries. This was felt most acutely for me last week, as I attended an Ends Cycling Bike Ride in Oklahoma. During this experience I was on the media team, filming everyone else that was involved in the project. This gave me the chance to meet a wide variety of people including a pastor from Alaska, a New Testament professor from Florida, and a missionary from New Zealand.

Those who attended ranged from the ages of toddlers to their sixties, there were parents and recent college grads, seasoned cyclists and first timers. But despite all our differences, what every single person involved had in common was a sincere love for Jesus Christ. This was expressed through the goal of the ride which was to pray for, raise awareness about, and raise funds for youth ministry in New Zealand. It was an incredibly encouraging experience for me to see how far mutual connections could reach as a Christian. And the wonder multiplied anytime I tried to explain to a stranger what I was doing that week. As I told them I came from Kentucky to an internship in Florida, which took me to this bike ride in Oklahoma, to raise funds for an organization in New Zealand, I couldn’t help but marvel at God’s providence.


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