A Very Different Christmas

We are helping anyone with a need - not just the church people - and this is giving us a touch into a lot of lives.

Rusty and Kristin Russell, serving in the Philippines, recount their experience getting hit by Typhoon Ursula on Christmas Day 2019 and the long recovery process that follows.

Life since the typhoon on Christmas Day has been a mess. Our house is near the beach and we lost a big part of our roof. We were actually preparing for a stormy, but typical Christmas morning when all of a sudden the wind gusts really picked up and the roof started coming off. We had to evacuate really quickly. Even though I like to plan ahead and felt like I had a plan for an emergency evacuation--- I hadn't expected one Christmas morning! Also when you think of it in your head you don't consider how loud a storm is, how dark it is because of no electricity and heavy cloud cover and the fact that it is raining on you, inside your house, while you are packing! 

Read the rest on the Russells' blog here: welovebecause.org/blog/2020/1/8/a-very-different-christmas

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